Congress : Registration is over ;-(((

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Eh Oui!

We start all over again ! it is bad eh!
But it's your fault, isn'it ? You didn't need to come so numerous, and more, with this warmth and this kindness which characterize the passionate persons.
No barrier of age, nationality, social circles, sexes...
No, simply happy to be there and share.
Fortunately we have photos, otherwise I would have the impression to have dreamed !
Have you known moments like that ?

Then? Of what have we talk together in private.
How not to give a suite to this run-up?
It would really be pure masochism, no?
In fact it is a lot of job says the killjoy.
Yes, yes but what a rewards!
Smiles, brilliant eyes, lot of "oh! It is you!"

Thus, it is starting again, we are ground...
We will even do better !
Yes, it is possible! As we say it to you!

The guests of honor

Austin Meyer

We curse him, we decry him, and sometimes even deny him and in spite of that, everybody likes him! It is simply because Austin is THE Big Guru of X-Plane, its creator and its chief programmer (only that!).. If we meet ourselves for this congress it is at first thanks to him! He(it) will honour us with coming specially from Columbia (SC) to be among us, can you imagine that ! It is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet him. Don't miss that because the character is worth seeing as much as its simulator.

Site : http://www.x-plane.com

Robin Peel

The whole world airports database, it's him. The NavAid database, it'still him. You get it, Robin takes care of updates of all the runway coordinates (X-Plane apt.dat  files) and of the Navaids. It is also him who centralizes all the modifications asked by users for these data. A titanic work …

Site : http://data.x-plane.com/